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About The Force Expansive

Listen: The Force Expansive is what life’s all about – like the universe itself, constantly expanding, every single moment of every single day an opportunity to get bigger, grow stronger and wiser, make your own dreams come true. 

How? Not magic.  Not positive thinking, though that’s a good idea.  Not that so-called science of attraction.  Nope, just plain straight-up work. That’s right: work.  But not any old kind of work: I mean work the way that bees work, with purpose, with devotion, with a desire to make something beautiful – construct a hive, gather nectar, care for others, make honey.  Making the life you want is exactly like this.  Be like a bee: devote yourself 100% to your vision, participate, give everything you’ve got. And remember that although small, you’re a bad-ass. Sure, this life, every life, is not without stings, but still, when you give yourself purposefully like a bee, yours is a life of sunlight and flowers transformed into sweetness.  All thanks to work.  Yours.  You make it.

About Me

Along with lots of other things, I am a beekeeper in real life -- not a professional one, a hobbyist, like so many people.  I’m crazy about them, as I am about a lot of things, and the lessons I learn by observing bees, reading about them, and the simple practice of keeping them are lessons for life, really, for everything else I do. 

Mostly, really, I’m a bee. I’m crazy about work.  About making a beautiful life.  About being a bigger, better, more kick-ass version of myself every single day.  No matter how old I get.  No matter what. Life’s crazy – it throws some mean curves, and yet, look out, it gets better all the time.  The goodness in it keeps expanding, more honeycomb, more places to store the sweet.  And yeah, sometimes I sting.

This blog isn’t always literally about bees and beekeeping, although yes, I admit I’m definitely a little OCD (or OCBee, ha ha ha) about them.  I hope you find something here that sings for you. 

If something strikes you, if it leaves a taste of honey in your mouth or – ouch – the sting that sometimes comes, please let me know in the comments.  Thanks for stopping by and sharing a moment.