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depressing reduction of womanhood, but making lemonade

Listen. You know me, right? So you won't be surprised by what clearly surprised me *to my bones* today, although of course I had an inkling that the surprise was coming.

I guess I'm still learning. At 51, that's good, I guess.

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not-Fargo: heading to BlogHer14

Truth: as I head off to my very first BlogHer conference ever, after six years of writing this blog, I'm also seriously considering shutting it down.

Funny, right?

I'm packing up my travel essentials -- coffee, loaded kindle, and cords -- and thinking about what might be next for The Force Expansive. About why.

And not just because I'm giving in to those voices in my head, the ones that say, Why bother? What's the point? No, they can shut up.

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The Golden Ticket: Charlie Bucket is 50

Is there a child among us who didn't feel grateful to be more Charlie Bucket than Veruca Salt?

The good news always was that if you were reading the actual book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, then surely you were more Charlie, and so you were safe from the fate that befalls the gluttonous, the greedy, the gum-chewing and the tv-obsessed.

If you were reading the book, then you had the Golden Ticket in your own hands, too.

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Country Mouse Monday: the dearth

Spend enough time watching bees, and I swear, it changes what you see. It changes how you see.

You don’t have to keep bees to do this. All you have to do is stand around, observing the action flower-to-flower in some green place. Where are they landing? What are they gathering?

What I see right now? The dearth is upon us.

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July is The Jackal

Oh frabjous day when the next installment of a beloved story (The Book of Life, yes!!) shows up in plain cardboard just inside the front gate!

Oh beloved month of July, when hours and hours of each day are spent watching the Tour de France!

Dear people, here's your warning. For the next week or so, you might want to refrain from interrupting me, or you will hear me say these words:

Are you talking to me during The Jackal?

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