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Oui, ça marche!

Or in other words: YES, this self-employed #workfromanywhere works!

That is, as long as le wifi does.

And, for a long puzzling period between Sunday and mid-day Monday, it did not. Since all three of us here depend on that signal for our livelihoods, this unexpected break was not a little disconcerting.

Um, but yeah: this is Paris, so...

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this day does not suck

It's Day #1 of my work-away-from-home experiment, and let me just say:


It's Saturday, so really, it's not a work day, but I feel like I am having a regular kind of Saturday, except in a place far from my regular.

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self-employed dream-life: #workfromanywhere

I arrived in Paris this morning for a week-long stay, in a test of my new self-employed-ness.

Originally, the impetus was that I wanted to participate in the first-ever yoga event at Versailles on 9/21. But now it's something more. 

I'm working from Paris for the next week because I can.

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Look: go.

I hike the same trails over and over again, multiple times a week generally, getting lost and found over and over again in a landscape that’s so familiar I could probably walk it with my eyes closed. But it’s so much more exciting to keep them open, since I never know what I might see on any given day, what little surprise is in store for me – a raccoon skull at a bend in the trail under the redwoods,

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Here is how you know...

Lately I keep getting this feeling, this one thought bubbling through me from the ground up, this one thought that says,

I am so on the right track.

It's the best thing ever, this feeling -- good, solid, incontrovertible. Under my feet all the time.

It seems crazy, almost too good to be true, you know? But here's the thing: it is true.

I've been observing the signs, noting the times when this feeling washes over me.

Here is how you know.

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